MC. FOUNDER Sponsors Learning Kits for Gaia School

MC.FOUNDER is an active participant in community activities. The company sponsored four sets of new computers and books for RTC Gaia School in Tuen Mun recently, to let the kids have more advanced learning resource and widely spread out the concept of “learning from nature”.

The school was established by the Gaia Association in October in 2007. It is located in Tseng Tau San Tsuen in Tuen Mun. Gaia means mother earth in Greek. The school aims at enhancing students’ appreciation of nature and learning in pleasure. The teaching style there is different from the traditional one. The students would still learn Chinese, English and Mathematics. Apart from these three compulsory subjects, students need to choose elective subjects in four areas, including nature and technology; society and humanity; arts; and health.

Students and teachers will take physical work each week, such as planting flowers. Students will also be given responsibility to manage the school, such as operating a science corner.

With the help of technology, MC.FOUNDER hope to spread out this learning concept of Gaia School.