MC.Founder Ltd. was established as a joint venture by Full Benefits Technology Co., Ltd. and Peking University Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (HKSE: 618) in May 2000. In the following year, it received further capital injection from CSI Properties Limited (HKSE: 497), which strengthened the group more.

Subsequent to more than 20 years of operation, the Company restructured its equity in early 2022 to optimize the structure as well as the stability of business development. Full Benefits Technology Co. Ltd., the managing partner of the Company, acquired the shares of the other two investing partners and becomes the full owner of the company.

Since its establishment, by virtue of its meticulous management, staff efforts, technical capabilities, financial resources, and strong connections in China, it has been appointed as sales agent by or cooperating in various ways with many well-known brands, such as in telecom and digital markets: Nokia, Apple, HP, Samsung, Shure, Xiaomi, Hutchison Telecom; in life style products: Australian brands like SIQURA and Australian by Nature, and various Korean brands like D’Ran, Mirang and Yurica; in gifts redemption services: Asia Miles, multiple credit cards, etc. It has operated multiple branded specialty stores or service centers for Motorola, Nokia, Apple, Xiaomi, Shure in China, Hong Kong and Macau also, as well as its own brand Mobicares digital products and retail stores. MC.Founder has repeatedly won various recognitions and awards from business partners and trade authorities for its achievements and high quality services.

In response to market changes, the Mobicares trendy online store was established in 2010 providing high-quality services and healthy lifestyle products, including various health supplements, Manuka honey, beauty and skin care, anti-epidemic sanitizers, IOT Products , digital electronics, health care and domestic lifestyle products etc.. The customer center is located in Lai Chi Kok, providing customers with reliable services and convenient redemption of goods. Mobicares cooperates with multiple platforms in Hong Kong also, such as CSL the Club, TSL Mango Mall, HKTV Mall, BigBig Shop, Fortress, China Resources, etc.

In addition to product sales, MC.Founder Ltd. has technical resources also. Other than operating multiple digital product repair centers, it has provided computer or telecommunication system management or support services for listed companies, government department, network operators in China and Hong Kong.

MC.Founder Ltd. is a rare Hong Kong company integrating sales and technical expertise with a long history, good reputation, forward-looking vision, diversified products brand and channel management skills. MC.Founder is therefore capable and committed to cooperate with high quality local or overseas partners to generate business or provide technical support.